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One. Purchase the product process
1, customers to the company or navigate through GPS agents to understand product configuration, function, tariff situation.
2. Customers confirm with the company's business manager or navigator GPS agent for purchase, appointment time and location.
3, according to the agreed time and place, install products, test delivery, customer payment.

Two. Handling network service
1, after the installation of the GPS terminal, it is necessary to go through the relevant procedures to enable the vehicle to join the service network of pilotage GPS.
2, the owner of the private user needs to provide a copy of the identity card and a copy of the bankbook (Shenzhen bankbook). (China Merchants Bank, construction bank, agricultural bank, rural credit cooperative, Minsheng Bank and Shenzhen development bank can use a copy of the bank card). Note: the copy of the ID card and the copy of the passbook must be the same name.
3, private users need to fill in the "navigation pass GPS customer registration form", "navigation through GPS customer service agreement", "global customer registration form" and "global customer service agreement", and sign confirmation.
4, to open the GPS service for the public users, we need to provide a copy of the business license and the copy of the owner's ID card. It is necessary to fill in the GPS client registration form, the navigation pass GPS customer service agreement, the global customer registration form and the global customer service agreement, and the pilotage through the GPS collection service fee agreement. "The book" and "GATT agreement on collecting services", and the official seal, financial seal and bank account of the bank, and the signature of the operator.
5. After the above procedures are completed, the company's business personnel declare the information to the monitoring center, open it, and turn it to the customer after the test is normal.

Three, stop, transfer, reopen service
Navigator GPS provides customers with services to stop, transfer and reopen services.
(1) business introduction
The stop service means that the user does not need to continue to use GPS service because of the special circumstances. It will terminate and cancel the application of the consumption agreement of our department. Our department will do it according to a certain process specification.
Transfer service refers to the transfer of GPS service due to special circumstances. The application will be handled according to a certain process specification.
Reopening service means that the user needs to continue to use the GPS service that has already been used to stop the use of the service because of the special circumstances.
(two) transact norms
1, the above services require customers to submit written applications to the relevant locations.
2, the customer must be certified by his valid identity document and written authorization.
3. The above services include GPS services and Mobile Corporation services. GPS service, the customer can carry valid documents to our department to handle, or the written fax (0755-86132566) identity card, signature service application to our department. The Mobile Corporation service requires the customer to carry on his own ID card to go to his nearest mobile office to handle the service formalities of the car SIM card; if the car SIM card is replaced in the name of our company, our company will provide a certificate of entrustment, and the client himself holds an effective ID card for the termination, reopening, transfer procedures, and reopening the service customers. The vehicle SIM card has expired or sold, requiring customers to re engage Mobile Corporation service procedures.
4, for those customers who have not paid the service charge or the mobile communication fee, they must pay the above fees before going through the relevant formalities.
5, stop, transfer and reopen services require customers to sign relevant service agreements with our company. Fax is valid.
6, after the above procedures are completed, our company will timely modify the system service materials to ensure the interests of customers.

Four, after service service
Our company provides comprehensive after-sales service for customers.
1, for the new installation products, from the date of installation of the factory, if the product quality problems caused by failure, we provide three months of replacement, one year free warranty, a year after the maintenance of service.
2, our products have fault self inspection function, can automatically detect the problem of GPS vehicle terminal fault. Once the customer vehicle terminal fault is found, we will contact the customer to reserve maintenance time and place as soon as possible and carry out maintenance.
3, in Shenzhen and surrounding areas, our company provides fixed-point maintenance service. Baoan service department, Longgang service department.

Five, online car check service
The monitoring software that we independently developed has the function of Internet Network lookup and all weather service for customers. As long as the owner lands on the website of our company and input the number and password of the customer, it can carry on the historical location inquiry, the latest position inquiry, the real-time monitoring of the vehicle, the historical track replay, the map location. Query, send short messages and other services. The specific operation is as follows:
1. Login to our website
2, enter the vehicle number and password, select unit users, or individual users, confirm.
3, after the web page is opened, according to the operation of the web logo, the above functions can be realized.

Six, 24 hour monitoring services
We provide 24 hours monitoring and management service for our customers. Once we find the information of customer vehicle alarm, we will notify the customers in time to ensure the safety of the customers and vehicles. In case of emergency, we will help the customers to notify the 110 and provide free car chase service to help the customers to solve the difficulties.
The monitoring center opens a 24 hour service hotline 400-716-1861 for customers to consult and handle related businesses.

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