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Huawei Cooperation
HUAWEI Technology Co., Ltd. is a private communications technology company that produces and sells communications equipment. It is distributed in more than 170 countries. There are 180 thousand employees, more than 8000 public service cars and 1 billion 500 million yuan per year bus. In July 2014, the rental car management platform began to provide the service vehicle management service for HUAWEI Mr.car, and HUAWEI W3 system in depth integration for the HUAWEI 180 thousand employees to provide public service, saving 150 million yuan a year.

Tian An Yun Gu Cooperation
Tianan cloud Valley is the twelve. Five landmark construction project of Shenzhen. It is a demonstration project of industrial upgrading, urban renewal and special economic zone integration in Shenzhen. It is developed and operated by Shenzhen Tianan Jun industry investment development Co., Ltd. Tianan established a unique industrial real estate model, emphasizing the perfect integration of scientific and technological innovation with commerce, culture, regional economy and urban development, realizing the overall online industry park, creating a beautiful, comfortable and efficient industrial space for the enterprises, improving the image of the enterprise, reducing the comprehensive operation cost, about the rental platform and the Tianan. Cloud Valley cooperation provides a complete vehicle service for enterprises and employees.

Silicon Valley Cooperation
Shenzhen Silicon Valley Power Industry Park Operation Co., Ltd. was established in 2003. It is the vice president of the high-tech industry chamber of Commerce of Guangdong Province, the 9 major industrial park of the operators, involving seven major industrial themes, with a total area of more than 1 million square meters. At present, there are more than 800 high-tech enterprises in the park, with an annual output value exceeding 100 billion. About car rental platform and Silicon Valley power cooperation, to provide complete car services for enterprises and employees.

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