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Beijing intelligent rental
According to the new Beijing Municipal Local Standard "technical requirements for taxi", the intelligent terminal can be configured to realize the functions of electronic payment, identification of driver's electronic documents and identity authentication, and to connect other operating equipment with the background system for data communication. According to the standard, the intelligent terminal liquid crystal screen will be installed at the top of the central control area of the dashboard, with the operation valuation and charge display, the call and the industry shunting service, the electronic payment, the satellite positioning, the driver's identification and identity authentication; the screen size is not less than 6 inches. With Chinese and English words and voice prompts, it has the function of data integration of vehicle operation equipment and the real-time transmission of operating data, and the data interface of the electronic toll card card is reserved for the expressway.

Hardware terminal
Intelligent terminal, meter, integrated design of front loading
Bi-directional video camera
Travel recorder, 4G/GPRS dual communication mode
SD card and hard disk integration
Integrated IC card attendance and driver qualification certificate management
Preinstalled APP software
Evaluation of passenger service satisfaction
6.2 inch integrated high brightness display
Disaster preparedness integration
system platform
At the same time, it has the function of the traditional electric recruit and the Internet.
Unique driver fingerprint screening system to enhance safety management
Efficient and convenient information interaction between passengers, drivers and government departments

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