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Yuxi public service car system

In accordance with the requirements of the central government for vehicle reform, the vehicle terminal is installed on the public service vehicle used by the government agencies, a set of effective information management system for public service vehicles is set up, the management of public service vehicles is done well, the supervision of fixed refueling, fixed point insurance and fixed-point maintenance is strengthened, and the centralized management and unified dispatching of vehicles are increased. Accounting and regular statistics of bicycles can effectively reduce the operation cost of buses.

The Yuxi public service vehicle management system is customized to the requirements of the management reform of public service vehicles in Yuxi. Based on the information base platform and the application platform, it adopts electronic office and wireless network communication and other information technology means to effectively supervise the operation of the public service vehicles in Yuxi. Centralization and unified management of vehicles, rational allocation of resources for official vehicles, effective reduction of administrative costs, and improvement of efficiency in ensuring official travel.

System composition

(1) vehicle terminal: positioning monitoring, emergency alarm, overspeed alarm, cut line alarm, area alarm, fatigue driving alarm, emergency monitoring, remote control lock car, mileage statistics, blind area compensation, information transmission, remote setting, etc.
(2) system cloud platform: application platform for official vehicle use, supervision and management platform for official vehicles, accounting and settlement platform for official vehicles.

Main technology

1. Vehicle satellite positioning management system;
2. The dispatching and dispatching management system of public service vehicles;
3. Cloud computing;
4, Internet plus;
5, large screen display system.

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