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Happy news, won the 2018 car Networking Technology Application Innovation Award
DATE:2018-05-10   Author:Administrators   Views:150
  In 2018, the development of the Internet of vehicles industry came to the first golden age. The related policies of the Internet of vehicles have been promulgated, the new generation of communication technology 5G is coming, the traditional car enterprises and the Internet industry giants cross border cooperation, the new power of car creation has risen, and the ecological circle of the car networking industry has accelerated the integration and development. In April 9th, at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center, we ushered in the 2018 Fifth China (Guangdong) international car networking conference, which symbolizes artificial intelligence, and the new era of all things is coming soon.

  In view of the focus, current situation and trend of the development of the Internet of cars, this conference discusses and exchanges the application of the new technology of the car network through a variety of forms, such as theme report, peak dialogue, exhibition and display, so as to guide the development of the new wheel network industry and guide the development of the Chinese car networking industry.

  Shenzhen navigation communication mobile video Co., Ltd. was invited to attend the grand meeting as a representative enterprise. In recent years, the navigator has been innovating and optimizing in many fields, such as the management system of public service vehicles, the research and development of financial wind control management system, monitoring and control and so on. In particular, the information management platform of the pilot public service vehicle has been awarded the 2018 vehicle networking technology application innovation award by industry appraisal and expert evaluation. In order to cooperate with government bus reform, reduce operating costs, improve operational efficiency, and ensure public travel safety has made great contributions.

  At present, China's vehicle interconnection industry has entered a new stage of rapid development. In the future, Shenzhen leading airlines will continue to carry out technological innovation and mode breakthroughs, provide customers with a one-stop solution of the vehicle network cloud platform, with leading technology and professional services and customers to build a car network industry ecological alliance, together to promote the vehicle networking industry forward.
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