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A probe into the technology of car networking
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Abstract: the Internet of vehicles is an important means to reduce traffic congestion and green travel in modern cities. With the rapid development of the Internet of things technology in China, as the specific application of the Internet of things, the vehicle network obtains the operating parameters of vehicles and traffic infrastructure and other traffic infrastructure, perceiving real time road traffic conditions, and providing rich integrated services for intelligent transportation. The purpose of this paper is to summarize the existing technology of Internet of vehicles, in order to point out the direction for further research. This paper first analyzes the concept of vehicle networking and the classification of the system, introduces many challenges facing the current vehicle network, summarizes the research status of the key technologies of the vehicle network, and summarizes the existing prototype system of the existing vehicle network.
1 Preface
In 2010, the total sales volume of automobiles in China surpassed the United States and became the number one in the world. China's automotive electronics market also entered a period of rapid development. But the growth rate of car ownership is much higher than that of road and other transportation infrastructure construction, which has brought great pressure to road traffic. Traffic congestion, traffic accidents and environmental pollution are plaguing the super large cities such as Beijing and Shanghai. Through information technology, it has become a hot topic in the research of traffic industry that the automobile has the ability of electronic intelligence and the effective monitoring of vehicles and traffic conditions to alleviate traffic congestion and provide safe and comfortable driving environment for users.
The concept of The Internet of Things (IoT) has accelerated the process of information and networking in the society. Internet of Vehicles, as the typical application of the Internet of things, uses the vehicle electronic sensing device to complete the information exchange through the network, so as to interconnect the information between the car and the road, the car, the car and the person, and carry out effective intelligent monitoring of the vehicle and the traffic condition. The interconnection of cars, roads, cities and people has been clearly defined by the Internet of vehicles, which has promoted the development of automobile, transportation and information technology industry to a more modern, networked and intelligent direction.
Unlike the traditional Intelligent TransportSystem (ITS), the Internet of vehicles pays more attention to the interactive communication between cars and cars, cars and people. By extracting more vehicle driving parameters and system data to ensure the safety of vehicles, avoid road congestion, and improve the comfort of the vehicle. It can be said that the emergence of the Internet of vehicles redefines the mode of vehicle traffic operation. With the application of vehicle networking technology, urban traffic will be greatly improved to provide users with more intelligent and safe driving environment.
The technology of vehicle networking can make up many shortcomings of traditional traffic technology and intelligent transportation system. It is attracting more and more researchers and industry attention. However, the research in this field is still in its infancy, and many problems have not been solved, especially how to adapt to the safety collection of vehicle driving parameters and large scale vehicles. The scene of communication participation. This paper tries to make a comprehensive summary of the current research status of vehicle networking technology, including the related concepts and classifications, challenges, key technologies and existing prototype systems in this field, so as to provide reference for further research.
Concept and classification of 2 car networking
The concept of Internet of vehicles is the realization of the application of Internet of things to industry. The Internet of things is based on the Internet, using radio frequency identification (Radio Frequency Identification, RFID), wireless data communication and other technologies to construct a network system covering all things in the world, to realize the automatic identification of any object and the interconnection and sharing of information. The Internet of things does not emphasize the type of the object, and emphasizes the acquisition and exchange of information in the physical world so as to realize the information which is not touched by the current Internet.
Exchange areas. The Internet of vehicles is the landing point of the concept of Internet of things, which limits the specific physical world to cars, roads, people and cities. The vehicle network uses the electronic label RFID on the vehicle to obtain the vehicle's driving property and the system running state information. Through the global positioning technology such as GPS, the vehicle driving position and other parameters are obtained. The information transmission and sharing are realized through the wireless transmission technology of 3G and so on. The road, bridge and other traffic infrastructure are obtained through the RFID and the sensor. Finally, through the Internet information platform, we can monitor the operation of vehicles and provide a variety of integrated transportation services.
From the technical point of view, the technology of vehicle network mainly includes electronic label technology (RFID etc.), position positioning technology (GPS), wireless transmission technology (3G and other wireless communication technology), digital broadcasting technology (CMMB etc.), network service platform technology (such as Web service, data fusion processing technology, map matching technology, etc.).
From the system interaction point of view, there are mainly vehicle and car communication system, vehicle and human communication system, vehicle and road communication system, vehicle and integrated information platform communication system, road and integrated information platform communication system. The vehicle to vehicle communication system emphasizes the end-to-end communication between objects. This end-to-end communication enables any vehicle to be either a server or a communication terminal. Vehicle and road communication system enables vehicles to get the operating conditions of road infrastructure in advance, such as whether a road is in maintenance, a bridge hole is overaccumulated and so on, so as to facilitate the smooth traffic of the vehicle. The vehicle and the integrated information platform communication system is a comprehensive platform for collecting information of vehicle driving status, providing comprehensive statistical information, such as road conditions, vehicle monitoring and so on, as well as personalized information such as trip reminding, safe driving and so on. Road and integrated information platform communication system aims to maintain the operation of road infrastructure.

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